Protecting Marakez using Kaspersky EDR

Protecting Marakez using Kaspersky EDR


Secure multiple locations while keeping the same security profile among all of Marakez locations, users, and devices was a challenge in this Project. In addition to run vulnerability test and patch management and getting information regarding the Hardware and Software Inventory without affecting the bandwidth of your connections between these locations.


Challenges had not stopped at this point, but the core of the project was about how to get fast response if there is any security breach/incident happened.


As Marakez is one of the big construction companies in Egypt that manage mega retails like Mall of Arabia and Mall of Tanta and many more, one of the big issues that was facing the IT team is that there is no central management for all of its users and device (more than 750 PCs and Servers) distributed over multiple locations.


So, as we are their security consulting and as UC Solutions is Kaspersky Platinum Partner, we present for them for the first time in Egypt and the EMEA region the Kaspersky EDR Optimum.


We had designed a solution to meet Marakez needs regarding the distribution of their locations and meet the high security requirement for securing the devices and users, patch updates, secure remote workers and manage the update of the datacenter servers and remote slave. In addition to have distribution point to give unified security profiles among all the sites.


Finally, we had introduced the Endpoint Detection and Response Optimum (EDR Optimum), which provides fast response for any security breach/incident happened, providing reporting if any security issues detected, and provides security over all OS platforms (Windows, Linux, and VMs), in addition to give the IT Team the flexibility of management for users to apply security profile, manage remote app installation, remote management and help desk capability from single management console.