Dell PowerEdge Servers

Dell™ PowerEdge™ servers are built to support the work that IT organizations do. They are engineered to handle the most demanding business applications and designed with specific features to better run workloads


Maximize efficiency
Increase application performance and availability while gaining scalability


Achieve more
Use IT to boost productivity and get the most out of every dollar


Ensure business continuity
Provide secure, continual access to IT services that power your business

Dell Storage, the power to do more

Legacy storage systems are ill-equipped to address the business needs of today. Designed in a previous era and deployed in storage silos, these systems have limited ability to fully address virtualization needs or to deliver economies of both function and scale across today’s data center environments. Dell’s approach to modern storage architectures starts with flexible, modular designs that easily integrate across our broad ecosystem of internal and external capabilities. The result is storage solutions that specifically address workload and data center challenges and deliver real advances in capabilities and value.

Redefining storage economics for today’s workloads

Performance Optimized for business critical workloads

I/O intensive workloads for your mission critical applications and big data analysis leverage flash storage.


Price Performance Optimized for collaboration and infrastructure

Optimized for server and desktop virtualized environments and traditional IT workloads where price matches performance.


Cost Optimized for cold data and image archiving

Low TCO and cost-efficient price/TB with dense enclosures.

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